TeleDroid 2 Controller and iMed iOS Apps

Designed for use in commercial, industrial and medical clinic facilities, the TeleDroid 2 Controller and iMed Suite of iOS Apps provide secure human control of all of a TeleDroid 2 AMRs functionality from the on-board iPad; and from from remote iPads located within a facility, or anywhere in the world.

Standard features include:

TeleDroid 2 Controller iOS App

– enables a staff member to call, direct and operate all of the functionality of a TeleDroid 2 AMR from using the on-board iPad; and from remote iPads located within a facility, or anywhere in the world.

TeleDroid 2 Camera Controller iOS App

– two-way video/audio “chat” functionality that combines the use of Apple iOS with open-source technology, which enables secure transmission of video/audio content and the control of the hi-res pan/zoom/tilt camera installed on a TeleDroid 2 AMR, from multiple remote iPads located anywhere in the world.

iMed ID Reader iOS App

– enables the user to increase his/her efficiency when visiting patients in a hospital. The ID Reader App provides the ability to use an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to: (1) scan the barcode imprinted on a patient wristband and automatically attach a digital “stamp” of the date and time of the scan; (2) enter the name of the hospital in which the patient is being treated; (3) enter the “level of service” codes corresponding to the services provided to the patient; and, (4) dictate comments about the visit, review the recording; and then, (5) “send” all of this information securely in the form of an “encrypted data file” (including the dictation audio file) to a selected server, transcription service, and/or e-mail address.

iMed Dictation iOS App

– enables staff members to dictate notes and comments using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, edit this information “on-screen” and then “send” it to a transcription service, or archive via an encrypted wireless VPN to selected locations within, or outside of a selected medical facility.

Custom iMed and TeleDroid 2 Controller iOS apps are available upon request.

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