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The iAMdriver is a plug-and-play Apple “Appcessory” that can control the functionality of any device that has wheels, a motor and a battery.

The iAMdriver incorporates a low-power 8-bit microprocessor that receives signals from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, via an iAMdriver iOS App, which is downloaded free from the Apple App Store. The App is configured to control on-board hardware such as motors, relays, solenoids, a video camera, microphone, speaker or lights on the device to which it is attached.

The iAMdriver provides one power input, four analog inputs and four digital inputs, four digital outputs, four pulse-width modulation outputs for primary drive control and four pulse-width modulation outputs for general use. The status of all iAMdriver inputs and outputs can be displayed on the one of the “screens” on the iAMdriver App.

The iAMdriver utilizes the accelerometer that is built into iPhones, iPod touch and iPads to “move” the device to which it is attached “forwards”, “backwards”, “left” or “right” simply by tipping the iDevice in the desired direction. Speed is increased by tipping the iDevice “downwards”, and reduced by tipping it “backwards”. The iAMdriver is powered by connecting it to a 12-VDC terminal on the device to which it is attached.

The iAMdriver contains a built-in wireless system that connects it to the iAMdriver App without the need of a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Connectivity, custom configuration, and live information views can be quickly selected on the iAMdriver App with a flick of the finger. Touch-screen buttons are displayed in an “arc”, which can be configured to accommodate single-thumb operation when holding the device in either the left, or right hand.

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