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    Robolytics is a Michigan based company.
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    The Robolytics Team has created and deployed autonomous mobile robots that increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and enable employees to apply their skills to the highest possible purpose. These robots have been designed to operate in major medical facilities, commercial and industrial settings.
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    In 2010, our Consumer Products Group developed the iAMdriver, a plug-and-play Apple “Appcessory” that can control the functionality of any device that has wheels, a motor and a battery, and is currently engaged in collaboration with Apple for the purpose of developing Apple Appcessory products and iOS Apps.
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    Robolytics is licensed by Apple to incorporate Apple “iDevices” technology and “iProducts” into the robotic and consumer products we develop.

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    During 2012 a strategic alliance was established with TMG Event Marketing for the purpose of developing and fabricating payload functionality for Robolytics robotic solutions. TMG is a leading designer and fabricator of international trade show exhibits for companies such as GM Performance Group, BASF, ACDelco, Summit Racing and Weld Wheels.
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    The Robolytics team is populated by men and women who have extensive experience in software development, computer programming, mechanical and electrical engineering, sales and marketing, and the design, development and fabrication of autonomous and remote controlled robotic solutions, information kiosks, iOS Apps and Apple Appcessory products.

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